Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July 2012 Festivities

This year, we had a pretty mellow Fourth. We actually didn't have any plans until last night. We were just going to stay at home and hang out since it's been pretty busy around here lately. We ended up hanging out with my husband's parents. In Oregon, fireworks that go over 12 inches are illegal so you can only imagine what kind of "wow" factor Oregon fireworks have so we didn't do any. Not to mention we think it's a waste of money. We've never actually bought any in the years past other than sparklers and pop-its. We bought Everett a box of pop-its which he thoroughly enjoyed and thought were pretty cool. I love the simple minds of toddlers.

He didn't want to throw them for some reason but rather wanted to jump on them.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes, shrimp, and fresh cherries from the Tri Cities. They were so juicy and sweet!

My favorite part of the evening was making s'mores and hanging out around the fire pit. It was Everett's first time having s'mores and he didn't enjoy them as much as I thought he would've. He just wanted to eat the graham crackers and chocolate separately.

Everett's Papa has a few riding toys and each time we go over there, he enjoys sitting on them.

Happy Fourth of July to you all! Hope you had a fun, exciting day with your family and friends!

( Yes, that is a hotdog on a skateboard on his shirt and yes, he has socks with sandals on. He's starting to want to pick out his outfits. It's entertaining.)


  1. I wanted to get Asher some pop-it's, but time got away from me. Maybe we can still find a box somewhere!

    Tell E I will graciously eat all of his s'mores. :-). Happy 4th to you all!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Glad you all had a wonderful 4th!

  3. Looks like a great 4th with your family! I love the pic of Everett on the riding toy. Every boy's dream. :)