Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farm and Garden Time

Since planting our garden at my parents' house, we've been spending a lot of time there to make sure we keep up on the weeding, hoeing, and watering. I'm thankful that they're only 3 miles away!

Everett has been pretty helpful each time we're out there, minus the time the other day he trampled our lettuce that just came up. I guess I don't blame him-it all looks like weeds after awhile. It's been hot here but he's been good about taking water breaks.

It's been fun going back to my parents' house and noticing how much the plants have grown since the last time we were there. But you know, this gardening can be some hard work, especially when it's so hot outside. It requires breaks and taking off our shirt.

It rained a lot last night so I'm sure we're one step closer to our fresh produce deliciousness!

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