Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Look how cute and little Everett was last year!

I can't believe he celebrated his SECOND Easter this year!

He's not very fond of photo-taking lately so I wasn't able to get any big smiles or poses. They were all caught "in action."

{Notice the bump/redness on his head? This comes from a lot of constant banging of the head. He's been doing it a lot. }

{Ignore the ugly boxes. We're still in the process of moving. Ugh.}

We enjoyed a wonderful sermon at church and headed out to my parent's afterwards. Lots of great food and wonderful company in celebration of Jesus' resurrection! Wonderful day indeed!


  1. I can't believe how much our boys have changed over the past year. Yay for 2nd Easters! I love that you got E in a button down shirt and vest last year - too cute!

    Nice shades, mister. You're too cool!

  2. I love the shades! Man, everyone is posting comparison photos that I had to do it myself! It is fun looking back and seeing how much our LOs have changed. *sniff*

    Hope you guys have an easy moving experience!