Monday, April 18, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Everett's 1st official day of school! Just like my mom always did, I made sure to get a photo.

Last night, I was already anticipating him going and was trying to think of a reason why he didn't have to go. Deep down though, I knew it would be a great experience for him.

I ended up staying there for about an hour and a half to help him get acquainted. On Mondays, there's only 4 of them so it was a good first day for him to adjust.

He did very well sitting at the table with the other kids for breakfast. At home, I don't give Everett his food in bowls because he always ends up throwing the bowl, causing food to fly everywhere. I told the teacher that I'm surprised that he hasn't chucked the bowl of cereal and mandarin oranges. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, the floor was covered with honey nut cheerios and oranges.

As I left to go to work, he didn't cry. The minute I got into the car, I broke down. Yes, that's right. Everett didn't cry but Mom did. About an hour after I got into work, I called Emily (director/owner) to check up on him. I guess he ended up crying a little awhile after I left when he realized I wasn't there any longer but he was easily consolable when his teacher held him.

I worried about nap time and thought (and still think) impossible for Everett to sleep on a cot on the floor amongst the other kids. He actually ended up napping for 20 minutes but was woken up by an infant crying in the next room. I'm just surprised he napped at all. I was also told he didn't eat lunch and only had a bite or two of his afternoon snack. He went to town on dinner when we got home!

I received the "Toddling Turtle's Daily Report" and here is what today's report had to say: Today at school, I had a wonderful first day. After you left for work, we did an art project. I made a penguin and I enjoyed putting all the body parts together. The first toy I played with was the vacuum cleaner. I also played with the big red ball. All in all, I had a fantastic first day and can't wait to come back again.

I'm not quite sure if he really can't wait to come back. When I came to pick him up, I peaked through the classroom window and watched him for a little bit. He was just standing there with a glazed look over his face while staring at one of the other kids. The second I walked in, he saw me and started crying and refused to give me a smile or a hug and only wanted to rest his head on my shoulder. He had such a somber-looking look on his face. He didn't make a peep the whole way home and it took a little bit of coaxing for me to get any noise or expression out of him. This is unlike him. Poor guy!

Overall, I guess I am pleased with how his 1st day went. I'm thankful that he didn't cry all day, which Emily told me that a handful of kids do on their 1st day. I am looking forward to staying home tomorrow with Everett and getting a decent nap out of him. It'll be recovery day for us.

I'm already dreading him going back on Wednesday. This will be a big adjustment for all of us!


  1. For some reason I thought you had quit your job?? Maybe I was thinking about someone else. E looks so cute for his first day of school!

    I take Logan to his grandmas mon-thurs and he is so used to going now, that he doesn't cry at all anymore... it actually makes me sad because I kind of want him to "want" his mommy. :) These boys are growing up WAY too fast!

  2. Sounds like a great first day! I'm sure each day will get better with time. He is such a big boy and so cute!

  3. Aw this post almost made me cry! I remember Liam's first day at daycare. It sucked (for me). He will get used to it, but I know how you feel! The photos are so cute!

  4. Can I just say first, that you're an awesome Mom. I teared up a little reading this post just hearing how hard E's first day was for YOU. I know that I'd feel the same way if Asher went to daycare. It's hard to see them upset no matter what the reason is!

    He will absolutely adjust and love it with time!

    That penguin craft looks like fun - now you'll have lots of great art projects to fill your fridge with! :o)

  5. Awww, I know just how you feel. It was easier on Jack because he started daycare at just 3 months old and he is very comfortable there now. But sometimes when I leave he reaches for me and it breaks my heart! I know he's fine and has a lot of fun, but I hate leaving him!

    I hope yesterday went well. It looks and sounds like a really great place! Love that penguin!