Friday, February 11, 2011


Everett and I attended Sandy's weekly Toddler Storytime yesterday. It was half an hour and during this time, they read 2 books and sang a few songs. Most of the kids were about 3 years old and were able to get involved a little bit more and as for Everett, he was way more interested in the books on the book shelf and ripping them out of their neat and orderly spot. After storytime, he did walk up to the children's librarian though and gave her a hug and sat himself down in her lap. I think he's gotten past a little bit of his Stranger Danger phase.

We spent some time in the play area of the library and I think he enjoyed playing with the puzzles and especially getting out of the house into a new environment.


  1. So cute and so focused on the puzzle! :)

    We got to a similar thing at our local library, Rhyme Time, but it is for 12-24 month olds, it's great.

  2. How fun!!! Check out Everett's hair!!! :) So cute:)