Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun in the Tub

I'm not sure who enjoys bath time more. Me or Everett. Everett has always enjoyed baths and never was a newborn who cried during them. As he's gotten older, he seems to enjoy them more. Look how happy he looks!

He likes to stand up in the tub but we're working on teaching him what "sit on your bottom" means. I think he's gettin' it though because he sits down most of the time.

{This poor child inherited my flat, Asian butt.}

With Everett's eczema, it was recommended that we limit his baths but at his one year visit, his pediatrician said that through research, they have found that bathing more often helps clear eczema. We now enjoy bath times every night to every other night.


  1. Hehee! Cutie Patootie! We love bath time too!

  2. Get one of those bath mats that go in the tub just in case... when my daughter was younger she was standing up and slipped. Luckily she kinda just slid down the back of the tub but I immediately went and got a slip mat!

  3. oh, I love me some baby buns!! He's just too cute, love the silly face too!!