Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dale and I had plans to get Everett's haircut last weekend. Normally, if we have something planned for the weekend, I always have to remind Dale what we're going to do but I intentionally failed to mention taking Everett in for his haircut. I don't want to cut his hair! I know he needs it because it's in his eyes and I'm constantly brushing it out of his face but I love how it curls and flips out in the back. And it's his baby hair! I think he should keep it forever.

In the meantime, I've put off getting his first haircut. Why? Because I am the Mom and I said so.

I am so Rico Suave and this is how I comb my hair.

But it's so long and I'm not so thrilled that it's in my eyes all the time.

I'll still be happy if you don't want to cut my hair yet, Mom.


  1. He's so cute and so is his hair! I'd just trim the front a little and let it keep growing. :)

  2. He's a cutie pie no matter what his hair is doing! I love him "styling" it with the comb. Asher loves to brush his own hair while I change his diaper in the morning. too cute!

  3. Hehee. He is so stinking cute. I love his hair. I agree with Valerie. Just trim up the front...and blend it in a little with the sides and back ;) Bring him to me and I can do it if you like;) We were supposed to do Ethan's 1 year pictures this weekend...and then cut his...but him having a fever for 3 days didnt help that. Lol. Ethan's is SOOO long and it needs to get out of his eyes poor kid. lol. Hope we feel healthy soon so we can hang out. Miss you guys.

  4. I LOVE the baby hair too!!! It's so soft and fun. I know I'll be sad when we cut Liam's hair for the first time. He looked like a little baldy for the first 6 months of his life and I've embraced all the hair that's grown in! :)

  5. Awwwww... I was so worried about B's first haircut... but he definitely needed it... he almost needs his 2nd one already. :(