Saturday, January 28, 2012

Potty Training

We got Everett a potty chair a few weeks ago. He had been really showing signs that he was ready so we took his lead and got him the Baby Bjorn potty chair. The first few days we had it, he seemed really excited and sat on it willingly a handful of times throughout the day. He sat on it both with his clothes/diaper on and with his diaper off. By the way, what is up with him wanting to remove all of his clothes when he sits on it? Even down to his socks? Anyway, the excitement lasted just a few days and he no longer wants anything to do with it. He's still young for me to expect him to potty train in a short amount of time and I am not rushing it at all. If he doesn't want to sit on it, I tell him that he doesn't have to. We went a few days where I kept his diaper off a handful of hours a day. I told him to sit on his potty when he had to go pee or poo poo and to let mommy know when he had to go. We had many accidents and he started asking for me to put his diaper on. He hates diaper changes and it's a huge struggle for us each time so for him to ask me to put his diaper on and he willingly lays himself down, I sensed that it'd be a good idea to take some time off. He's sick now so hopefully we can refocus once he's feeling better.

This is the extent of our potty training lately....

Yup. My colander works for a potty chair and he also wears it as a hat too.

Where are you at with potty training your toddler??


  1. That's such a cute photo! Forget the Baby Bjorn potty seat! You've got the perfect one right there! (Maybe tape up the For us, potty training is developing. We are lucky that the teachers at his daycare are pretty much doing the potty-training for us! He is the youngest 2 year old in his class and they all usually go potty together (well, there are 2 pottys in the bathroom so there can be 2 kids going at the same time). I think it helps having a bunch of other older toddlers as examples of how to do it. It's a totally different dynamic when they are in a structured group setting. It has amazed me so much and it's very interesting to watch him at daycare. Good luck with your potty training! It is definitely something that will take time. (I actually just posted about potty-training on my blog, too!)

  2. Haha! Love the pics.

    Wes still likes to take his pants/undies off to use the potty. Even when we are out running errands and stop to use the public potties! Ugh!

    Just a fyi about the potty chair, Wes barely used his he was all into the 'big' potty. We bought a ring for the big one, but that was used about twice. We just went with the flow with where he wanted to go.

  3. Yeah, that's about how our potty training is going too. Asher will sit on the potty briefly, but that's it. One time I sat him down and read like 15 books until he peed (just so he would understand the point of it) but that's been it. He won't even admit when he has a wet or dirty diaper most of the time

    We're just not ready yet over here!

  4. Those pictures are hilarious!! I think the best thing I did was introduce the potty chair when Jack was just a little over one year. I just wanted him to get used to it and start to learn just what a potty is and what it's for. He did go through a period where he wanted nothing to do with it and I never pushed it. I would simply ask him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he'd say, "No, don't want it." and I left it at that. Now he's back to being comfortable sitting on it. The biggest thing that has helped recently is him watching me go and me telling him what I'm doing. We sit on our potties next to each other and I go and then I tell Jack it's his turn. It's really worked! Now he doesn't even wait for me to go, he just immediately starts going once his butt hits the chair. He has yet to ask me himself or tell me when he needs to go, but that's okay. We're still making great progress and yesterday he peed 3 times in his potty! I think I'm going to stay home with him on a long weekend and have him wear pull-ups to get used to pulling his pants down by himself. I'll let you know how it goes!

    I would just continue to ask him and let him sit on it with or without clothes on (however he's most comfortable). Jack also has a couple potty books that he loves, one is called "the Potty book for Boys" about a boy named Henry and he watches a potty DVD at daycare. I believe those have really helped as well! It's definitely not an easy process and it's going to take a lot of time and patience. I guess we can be happy knowing they probably won't go to Kindergarten wearing diapers! :)

    Good luck!!

  5. I potty trained Adam in 3 days... basically we did a potty party for day 1.. and then just never went back to diapers... (he does wear one for night time)

    He never has accidents... it was pretty good. I think the fact that he was under 2 helped. and we cloth diapered.... and we never went back to diapers or did pullups. You can do it!