Saturday, January 14, 2012

Keeping Track of My Fitness

I had been meaning to write a blog post about the recent health issues I've been experiencing for the past month and a half but have decided to avoid going into specific details about it. Nonetheless, fitness has seemed to keep these issues at bay; not just physically but mentally as well. Finding time to exercise hasn't been as straining as I had anticipated. Thankfully, I have had my mom watch Everett while I use their treadmill at their house. While I would like to work out every single day, I have limited myself to about 5 days a week, allowing some recovery time for my body. I've been running about 4 miles on my run days and also incorporate some fully body and ab exercises during his naps. I notice that when I go 2 days without any form of physical activity, my health issues resurface and the inevitable happens. Needless to say, fitness has now become a very important aspect in my life. I need it. I yearn for it. After a workout, I'm already thinking about when my next workout will be. I'd say it's a good, healthy addiction (if you want to call it that) to have.

I've found a great website to track my fitness. If you'd like to follow along, join me at dailymile. It has a similar layout as Facebook but it's strictly fitness related. It seems to be more targeted to runners but I've been able to track other workouts on there as well. If you decide to join, add me!

Happy Exercising!


  1. That's awesome! I am still at the point where I dread going running. But I really need to keep at it if I'm going to run a half marathon later this year. Good luck with your workouts! It's great that you are getting so many miles in each week. And thanks for the website! I will definitely join!

  2. I hate to exercise! I have been trying to diet but kinda sorta failed this weekend at it. :/ Kudos to you for staying strong! :)

  3. I'm so glad to hear you've found something you enjoy and is helpful to your health!!!! :) I'm definitely not a runner, although I wish I were!!!! Props!!!

  4. I'm glad it is helping you feel better and giving you some time to do something for yourself! Hopefully I can start soon!