Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love him.

Everett has been so cuddly lately. He's always been a snuggle bug but has been moreso lately. I love how he'll be playing and I'll be sitting on the floor watching him and every few minutes, he'll come over and give me a hug and sit himself in my lap for a few seconds, and then get back up to run back and forth from the living room to his bedroom and back.

He makes my cup runneth over.

{When I pulled the cooking pot lids out, he got so excited and wouldn't let go of it!}


  1. teeheee.... there's something about shiny metal objects that make lots of noise when you hit it against something! We have a popper too... we call it the "vacuum"

  2. Does Everett love his popper like B does? HAHAHA, that is literally the best 5$ toy I've purchased for my little guy. The other night I was lying on the couch and he put it in the air and rolled it over my face and head. Love. LOL