Monday, March 14, 2011


Peekaboo! Everett loves playing peekaboo and had some fun hiding from me behind the living room drapes.

Not only the drapes but he loves throwing his blankie over his head and he doesn't take it off until I ask "where is Everett?!" And then of course, I have to say "there he is!" as soon as he rips the blanket off. It's a fun little game we love to play.

Where in the world could Everett be??

There he is!


  1. Asher loves this game too! He likes to "hide" behind blankets/his hands/pillows and surprise me. I like it too. :o)

  2. So cute. Ethan loves Peekaboo too! He does it with pretty much anything. It's mighty adorable.

  3. heehee The video is SO CUTE! I love this age, don't you? :)