Friday, October 9, 2009

Start of a new blog

It's been years since I have been a "blogger" but thought now is a great time to start blogging again. Dale and I are expecting our first child in about 2 months and figure that we will have many special moments to share with everyone and what's not a better way than through a "family" blog?! In the meantime, I can share with you all my final days of pregnancy-as these next 2 months will probably be the longest months of my life. I have heard many a times from my previous preggo friends that the last month seems to be twice as long as the 7 months prior. Oh joy, I cannot wait.

I am currently waiting results for the 3-hour glucose test that I took this past Wednesday. I failed the 1-hour glucose test with a level of 170. The goal was to be under 140. I have always been a conscious/healthy eater--avoiding fatty and sugary foods and was a little startled when I failed the original test. Fingers are crossed for better news on the test results next week.

I was also diagnosed with low amniotic fluid but was able to increase the level within the past several days while being in temporary bed rest. I'm still on the low end but considered "normal." In the meantime, I've been ordered to decrease my work hours and spend as much time off my feet as I can. Failing to do so will again decrease the amniotic fluid level and can cause for preterm birth and/or the baby to get caught up in the umbilical cord. As hard as it is for me to not be out and about, spending a lot of time on the couch is one thing that I'm making a point to do.

Baby Everett is becoming more and more active as the days pass. He often has the hiccups, which I love feeling. It puts a smile on my face knowing that he's all nice and snuggled in my belly, growing by the day, and getting all ready to join Dale and I in this wonderful life that we have. It will be just that much more wonderful when he's finally here!

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