Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Plotting

My parents have graciously offered some of their land so we can plant a garden this year. My main reason for wanting to garden this year is so that I can can a lot of food for winter and to be frugal too of course.. It's been pretty rainy here and you need a handful of days for the soil to dry up but it's been raining about every 2-4 days so it was a cycle that didn't ever give us any dry land. In the meantime, we admired my parent's garden and used the abundance of their early produce and worked on figuring out our garden layout.

My mom is the master gardener and I just love hers!

Everett loves spending time out there and is a pro at dirt shoveling.

My parent's lent us the lower half of their gardening area.

Thankfully, it was dry for a few consecutive days and we were able to get part of it planted this past Saturday. It was so hot that day and I was a bit worried about Everett getting overheated so we got half of it done. He was such a wonderful helper. Helped shovel soil with his cute, little hoe and helped poke the beans down into the ground.

It rained today so now we have to wait until the ground dries up again. Thank you Mother Nature!


  1. Wow... you parent's property and garden is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had a green thumb. My grandma does, but I think every plant I touch turns black! LOL Plus this southern clay sucks! I bet Everett loves getting down and dirty in the garden!!

    P.S. Where is your race report young lady?! ;)

  2. What a beautiful garden! I skipped my garden this year and regret it already! Have fun with it! :)