Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's funny how things work when you have a child. As many of you know, we recently moved. Well, our last house looked like a bunch of baby roommates occupied it. I don't necessarily like the statement but I've heard people refer to their house as if someone barfed toys everywhere. That's pretty much what our house looked like.

It's funny how things work when you have a child. Two out of three bedrooms at our new house belong to Everett.

We compromised with him that he could have his own playroom as long as Mom and Dad had their living room back, dining room, and kitchen back. It was a good deal for all parties involved.

{He still has a few more boxes of toys too.}


  1. That's awesome. I wish we had an extra bedroom! Or even just a single level home where he could play in his room easily. I miss that! It's crazy how many toys we can accumulate for them , even with weeding out and donating periodically! Not to mention Birthdays and Christmas right around the corner! Craziness! Lol. Ethan says he can't wait to come check out E's new play space and Mommy says she can't wait to see the reclaimed Mommy and Daddy space :)

  2. Love it! He's so lucky to get to have his very own play room (and that you get to have your space back as well)! I can't wait to do the same. It is crazy how many toys these kids have. I'm constantly going through and selling what Jack has outgrown and no longer plays with. Now we need to make room for the big boy toys! :)